Basic Spanish for business and finance

Basic Spanish for business and finance:

Basic Spanish for Business and Finance

THE BASIC SPANISH SERIES, SPANISH FOR BUSINESS AND FINANCE, Enhanced Second Edition, is a communications manual designed to serve those in the business world looking for basic conversation skills in Spanish. Written for use in two-semester or three-term courses, this working text presents everyday situations that business and accounting students, pre-professionals and professionals may encounter in the workplace, while traveling. business or when communicating with business partners abroad. BASIC SPANISH FOR BUSINESS AND FINANCE, Enhanced Second Edition, presents essential business vocabulary and "Notas culturales" written from an intercultural perspective. It offers students the opportunity to apply, in a wide variety of practical contexts, the grammatical structures presented in the corresponding lessons of the basic text of SPANISH BASIC. A New Media Compatible eBook includes seamless access to audio and video of the chapter text. The working text audio program is included in a section at the end of each chapter

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